Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cheapest Janitorial Services Not Always the Best

Cleaning and janitorial services are necessary, whether you have several employees, or customers and clients visiting your business each day. It’s not fair to expect employees to do more than a quick wipe down and tidy, so that’s why you want to hire a professional cleaning company to properly clean and disinfect all surfaces. But many companies will choose the lowest quote, which may sound good on paper, but may not always be the best solution.

If you’re choosing between three different janitorial companies, you’ll need to have the quote broken down into what exactly is and isn’t included. Sure, you can hire a cleaner to come by twice a week for an hour, but how much are they going to get done in that time? If you compare it to how much time you spend cleaning your house, that may bring your expectations more into alignment with reality.

A good cleaner should be doing more than wiping down surfaces with a damp rag, vacuuming, and emptying the garbage bins. They should also be properly disinfecting all surfaces, to prevent the spread of disease. A1 understands that germs are commonly spread on door handles/knobs, faucets, and desks, and will properly wipe them down. They’ll pay attention to the details, and clean the edges and corners of a room that are often neglected by a cleaner who has only a few minutes to spend in each room.

Many cleaning companies force their cleaners to rush, and they’re given quotas that they have to fill. This doesn’t bode well for the care of your office. You don’t want someone madly dashing around vacuuming and damaging walls and furniture.

A1 also offers two different options for the client’s choice in cleaning supplies: regular cleansers, or green option cleansers. The green cleansers are safer for the environment, and are also better to use around employees who may have asthma or other breathing difficulties. This service is available from A1 for an additional cost.

Many of the cheaper cleaning services don’t even use cleansers, and they reuse the same rags to clean bathroom and kitchen. This is bad for the health of your employees, and with norovirus on the rise, a bad stomach infection could affect the output of your business should everyone become sick. Without the proper cleaning services, your business could actually lose money.

The cheapest janitorial services may also take other shortcuts. Not showing up on time, or at all is often one of the most common complaints about cleaning companies. It can become time-consuming to file a dispute with a bad cleaning company.

Hiring a professional cleaning company such as A1 will ensure that your cleaners arrive when they say they will, and that you won’t need to be monitoring their every move. You can place your trust in A1 to show up on time, and to clean your company’s buildings properly.

If you’re interested in hiring the best janitorial services for your company, to ensure your office or building is properly cleaned, please contact A1 Cleaning SanJose today. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finding the Best Janitorial Services for Your Company

Finding the Best Janitorial Services for Your Company

A great cleaning company should do more than simply tidy up surfaces and take out the trash—they should be properly disinfecting all surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Anyone can take a cloth and wipe down a surface but it takes an expert to understand proper cleaning procedures, from cleaning cloths to cleansers. If you’ve been unhappy with your current cleaning service, it may be time for a change.

There are signs that your current cleaning company isn’t doing a good job. Most people aren’t fooled by an empty trash can, or what appears to be a clean kitchen countertop. It will require further inspection to find the truth.

If there have been a lot of stomach bugs going around the office, this is an indication that desks, counter tops, and the bathroom may not be properly sterilized and disinfected. Simply taking a rag and making a surface look clean isn’t enough to kill harmful bacteria. The next time an employee touches a faucet or a light switch could be the time when they pick up the latest virus going around.

It’s disgusting to think about, but many cleaning companies reuse the same cleaning cloths and sponges that they used to clean the previous business, but they never soak them in disinfectant or wash them between these cleaning jobs.

Sick employees cost your company time and money. It’s beneficial to spend more money to hire proper janitorial services who will spend the time needed to get your business clean.

Another sign that your cleaning company isn’t doing its job is how long they spend in your office. If you’re uncertain, ask them. Are they only spending an hour? Can you clean your home in an hour? Probably not. They may be rushing to try and complete their tasks within the allotted time, and may have several businesses that they need to clean in one day.

Get down on hands and knees and check out the floor. The places to check are right against the baseboards. Have the baseboards been wiped down too, or are they dirty? Is there dirt accumulated along the edges? These are common regions that are often neglected by a poor cleaner.

Most cleaning companies are allotted extra time to tackle small tasks that need to be done once a month, such as wiping down cupboards, or cleaning under the fridge. If you find that your cleaning company is not going beyond what they should be doing, then it may be time to find a company that is more detail-oriented. These tasks may require an additional fee, but they should be scheduled in. To have a cleaning company completely ignore these details, or even discuss with the company manager can be signs of neglect.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current cleaning service, please reach out to us to find out how A1 Cleaning in San Jose can help to create the clean, sanitary environment that you expect for your business. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets may give a home a warm and inviting feel, but they require extra care to keep them clean and fresh. Even if a carpet looks clean, it may still be be harboring bacteria, dust, and pet dander. Over time these substances accumulate, making your carpet not only dingy looking but a health hazard as well.

There are many benefits to carpet cleaning. Better yet, hire a carpet cleaning business, to save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

The number one reason to have your carpets regularly cleaned is for the health of your family. Dirty carpets can accumulate allergens over time, which can wreck havoc with the allergy sufferer in your family. Pet dander, hair, and fur can become embedded, as well as house dust. These allergens combine and cannot only cause sniffling and sneezing, but asthma attacks too.

Most of the household vacuums don’t completely remove these substances. Water and cleaning solutions, along with a powerful commercial vacuum, are required to pull out these microscopic particles and suck them away. Regularly cleaning your carpet will keep allergens under control so the allergy sufferer can breathe easier. You’ll also prevent people from developing allergies by keeping your carpets clean and fresh.

If you have pets or small children that crawl around on the ground, you can be exposing them to harmful bacteria. In fact, almost no one would want to eat off of the carpet. These microorganisms can come from pet poop, food crumbs, and soil and leaves carried in from outside. Cleaning solutions will neutralize and destroy harmful microorganisms, making your carpet more sanitary.

Professional carpet cleaning can also remove embarrassing stains. Unless you have pure black carpet, no matter what you spill, it’s going to leave a stain. You may do your best to mop up a spill, or try to use one of those store-bought spray carpet cleansers, but often red wine, blood, pet accidents, and tomato sauce don’t come out too easily. A good carpet cleaning will remove these stains, leaving your carpet looking brand new.

Carpet cleaning can also revitalize an old carpet. Over time, the threads will wilt and become stuck together. Your carpet may look worn, even when it’s not. A good carpet cleaning will fluff up your carpet. The action of the hot steam will raise the fibers and return them to a natural upright position. It’s an affordable way of making the floors look new, without buying new floor coverings.

There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned carpet. Once it’s dried, it’ll look inviting enough to sit down on. You’ll wonder why you don’t have your carpet cleaned more often, since there are so many benefits to having a clean carpet.

There’s also great satisfaction from having your carpets cleaned. Many people leave this chore at the bottom of the list, but it should really be at the top. Because once the carpet is cleaned, your home will automatically smell and look clean and fresh.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How Companies Can Benefit By Hiring Janitorial Services

Many businesses rely on the the manager or employees to clean bathroom, kitchen, office and room spaces of a building, but hiring professional janitorial services is actually a better way to keep those spaces clean. Companies can benefit by hiring janitorial services so that the task isn’t left to someone who doesn’t know how to properly clean and disinfect surfaces.

Here are four other reasons why your company can benefit from hiring A1 Cleaning, in San Jose.

1. A company can conform to health and safety regulations when hiring a janitorial business. If your business relies on cleanliness and hygiene, such as a restaurant, cafe, or daycare, you are better off letting employees handle light duties, while janitorial services will scrub down floors, and walls, to keep your food, beverage, or care  business spotless. There may also be a higher amount of traffic in washroom regions, which also need to be spotless and hygienically clean. Other locations that may need to focus on cleanliness include clinics, salons, and barber shops.

2. A janitorial service is guaranteed to show up. Many businesses rotate the cleaning duties among staff, but if they are away, these duties won’t get done. Many employees are expected to add these duties to an already busy schedule. Most staff simply don’t have the time it takes to thoroughly clean a building, and at most have only time to wipe a rag over a surface.

3. It’s safer to hire janitorial services. The last thing you need is employees rushing around a room working, while someone else is trying to mop the floor. You can’t avoid accidents from occasionally happening, but having someone trying to rush and clean right before business close could end up causing a disaster. Many people are also susceptible to soaps and cleansers, and handling these types of chemicals is best left to the professionals who understand how to properly use them.

4. A janitorial service cleans a company’s building after hours. There’s nothing worse than visiting a business, only to hear the vacuum cleaner going, or seeing employees clean. Loud noises can irritate your clients and customers, and cleaning while they are visiting your company is unprofessional. It also sends the wrong message. If your staff are busy cleaning, does this mean your business isn’t successful enough to keep them busy, or to hire a cleaning company?

5. A meticulously kept business environment will impress your clients and customers. You’d be surprised at how grossed out some people will get. Even if your business doesn’t sell food, dirty walls in a bathroom or a grungy floor can be enough to keep customers from entering your business again. There’s no reason to keep untidy or dirty business space when hiring a professional janitorial service who will provide you the solution to this cleaning problem.

Please contact A1 Cleaning Services in San Jose to find out how easy it is to have someone else clean your company’s building. There are numerous benefits to hiring us to keep your company spotlessly clean. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

4 Things to consider in choosing right cleaning service for your business

There are so many cleaning services and you are faced with making the right decision in finding a good cleaning service. What steps should be taken in finding a reputable company?
1.       The first step clearly communicate and determine what is important, then prioritize what needs to be cleaned. Make sure you explain this to the company that is providing you the quote and that they write it up as you discussed in the proposal. Having agreements in writing and signed by both parties avoids confusion down the road.
2.       The cheapest price is not always the best decision. Many companies are looking to save money and often regret giving the cheapest contractor the job because they don’t deliver what is promised. Be skeptical of any company promising the cheapest price in town and only centered on giving the cheapest pric to get your business. Do they center on price or do they offer quality?
3.       Ask for references. A good reputable cleaning company will have references that can speak on the quality of their work. Call the references provided and ask questions on their work, attitude and attention to detail. Ask how happy they are with their services and what was done to correct any issues that came up.
4.       Make sure they have insurance. Accidents happen and can cost a lot of money. A reputable company will assume the liability of those accidents and not the customer.

A1 Cleaning San Jose is located in San Jose CA. Call today for a free cleaning assessment of your business or home.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Top Three Homemade Cleaners

Buying name brand cleaning products and chemicals to keep your house tidy is usually an essential.  Most natural ingredients simply do not have the power to take care of heavy stains and deep dirt.  When it comes to giving the house or office a major clean down, chemicals are often necessary.

However, when  you’re going about your day and casually cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen or elsewhere, sometimes it helps to have some natural cleaners around the house.  These will leave less of a cleaner smell and are easier on your hands for day to day use.  They are also less expensive!

1. Glass Cleaner

To make an excellent homemade glass cleaner, simply mix together 2 cups of water, a half of a cup of vinegar, a fourth of a cup of rubbing alcohol and a couple of drops of orange essential oil for a nice scent. 

Use this as you would any other glass cleaner, however be careful about using this on hot days.  When using this glass cleaners on your window in the heat, it may dry too quickly and leave streaks.

2. Scrub

For a heavy-duty scrub to take care of deep stains, particularly in the bathroom, simply get a half of a cup of borax and use lemon as your scrubber.  Dip the lemon in the borax, and there you have it!
Do not use this type of cleaner with marble or granite.

3. Clothing Stain Remover

In order to remove those stains that just won’t seem to get out of your clothes, try mixing together one cup of bleach, one cup of powdered dishwater detergent and a gallon of hot water. To use, simply soak your clothing in the mixture for twenty to thirty minutes.

Make sure to only use this with clothing that it safe to bleach.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Are You Unhappy with Your Current Cleaning Provider?

So you have made the leap to hire a cleaning crew to take care of all your organization and cleanliness needs.  You find yourself to be too stressed or busy at home or work to take of these tasks yourself, and furthermore you want to have a professional make sure your house or business place is as clean as it can be.

There’s only one problem: They’re doing everything wrong!

Several things can go wrong with a cleaning crew and the way they handle your work.  They could simply just not do the job right.  You’ll come home after they’ve finished up and find that spot you left in the kitchen is still there.  Or perhaps you’ll look at the floor and notice they didn’t even bother to vacuum.

Sometimes the issue is different.  They could do a great job of cleaning, but they act like the house isn’t yours in the first place.  They may move things around to places you don’t want them to be, or your things may turn up missing because they’ve been organized in a way you’re not used to.

Luckily, we have a solution for you.  Simply switch to A1 Cleaning San Jose!  If you’re switching from another cleaning crew, the first thing we’ll do is listen to your qualms with your current service providers.  We’ll make sure we know exactly what you want us to do AND what you don’t want us to do, and we’ll remember it.

If you specifically want your house organized the way it is, but well cleaned, we’ll listen.  If you do need some organizational skills, we can help you with that too.  But if we ever move anything, we’ll make sure you know exactly where it went, and why.

If you don’t like the products your former team used, let us know, and we’ll work out a cleaning product list that fits your need.

At A1 Cleaning San Jose, we’re there to treat you to the cleaning team service of your dreams.  We’re always friendly, always thorough, and we’re never stubborn (except when it comes to kitchen stains).

To schedule a free assessment click here.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A1 Cleaning San Jose House Cleaning Check List

Go in your local Walmart or general store, and you’ll see rows and rows of various cleaning products.  These kinds of options can be intimidating, and it’s hard to know what product will be best and most efficient in cleaning your house.


            The goal is always getting a product that will do the job both visibly and under the surface, but is also quick and easy to use.  Hired cleaning crews can help with this, as they will know the best of the best products are.  However, it’s good for you to keep a few items around the house for touch up cleaning throughout the week.


            Here is a list of some essential cleaning products you should have in your home. A1 Cleaning San Jose House Cleaning Check List :

1. Clorox Clean-Up

This is a great item to keep around to take care of sinks, bathtubs, bath mats, refrigerators and other similar household items.  It’s great with getting rid of grease and does the job with very little effort. 


2. Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover

This is one of the best products you can get ahold of when it comes to getting rid of soap scum.  It’s easy, it’s quick and it smells great.


3. All-Purpose Cleaner

For obvious reasons, you should always have an all purpose cleaner laying around the house.  If you just need to touch up a spot or do a routine cleaning, all purpose cleaners are the way to go. 


4. Baking Soda and Water

You don’t always have to spend money and use harsh chemicals!  If you’re just touching up the kitchen or bathroom, try using baking soda mixed with warm water at a 1:3 ratio.  It’s cheap, and it works surprisingly well.


5. Swiffer Mop

Mops can be a pain, but if you keep a Swiffer mop around, you can get the job done quickly and easily, with minimal effort.  There’s no need to set up a mop bucket full of soapy water, and you don’t have to do it twice!

A1 Cleaning San Jose offers residential cleaning and commercial  cleaning. We provide full service janitorial services for small to mid size business in San Jose CA.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A1 Cleaning San Jose we believe, "Cleanliness as a Way of Life!"

We all want a clean and happy home, but have you ever thought about how cleanliness can be a way of life?  Think about what it means to be clean, neat and organized.  More than your physical environment, being clean is about compartmentalizing our life, but it’s also about having a fundamental flow between these individual parts of our lives.

Think about it in terms of something small: your desk at home or in your office.  In your desk, you have multiple drawers and multiple areas in which you keep different things.  You may have a certain file in which you keep all your taxes and financial information.  In another drawer, you have an area where you keep your work files, client information, etc.  You might even have a section for your hobbies, and another for family files.

All in all, however, the desk represents the physical objects that your life revolves around. The desk as a whole functions as a tool to keep the different aspects of your life together one single, accessible place.

This all may sound rather abstract so far, but consider the way that desk can represent your life.  We have so many different roles and faucets of our life that somehow have to come together as one experience.  If we have clutter at our desks, we have clutter in our lives.  If we start mixing up our separate roles and areas of our lives, we stop being effective in the things we do.

Cleanliness can be in our physical environment. It’s about organizing our things and creating a peaceful, serene environment where everything is in its place.  If we can get all the different parts of our lives in order and create a peaceful, serene space in our mind, we can feel that same sense of peace that a clean room or house gives us in our life as a whole.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Three Reasons You Should Have a Clean House in San Jose CA.

Cleaning can be a total pain.  We’re all so busy, and it’s an easy thing to brush to the side when you just don’t seem to have time.  There are tons of reasons, however, to not let this happen and to make sure that you have a clean house 24/7.  You may have to make the time, or alternatively, you could hire a cleaner or a cleaning crew to come by once a week and pick up for you.
Here are the top three reasons you should always have a clean home:
1.    You’ll be happier!
You may try to ignore it, but face it, we all get really annoyed when we’re stuck in a dirty house with no time to clean it up.  It stresses us out when we have to keep pushing these tasks to the side!  Always having a clean house will keep you in a more positive state of mind.
2. You’ll be more focused
Clutter in your house means clutter in your head.  Psychologically, noticing disorder all around you will lead your mind to become disorganized as well.  When nothing is in place, you will have a hard time ordering your thoughts and managing your work.  It’s much like having an office with papers strewn all over the place.  You never know where anything is, and you’re always fumbling around to look for the things you need.  It’s simply inefficient to live this way.
3. You’ll be healthier

There is no doubt that keeping your house clean will keep the bacterial levels down and keep your family healthier.  Particularly in the bathroom and kitchen bacteria has a chance to breed and get into all your things, and your body too.  You’ll want to do a thorough cleaning job, because it’s the little crevices that these little bugs love the most.

 A1 Cleaning can offerstress free cleaning at an affordable price that fits your budget. If you are already using a service to clean and when they finish you wonder if they even showed up to clean! Give us a call and, we will not only make your house or business look clean we will get it clean! To get a free quote in the San Jose CA. fill out the request a quote form on our website.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What some of the dirtiest places in your house?

Oftentimes, we don’t think about how messy certain areas and objects in our homes can get.  We tend to go through our normal cleaning routine, but many of us miss the same problematic areas and end up with battery-infested, disgusting areas.  This can become a health hazard if it isn’t well-considered. 

We’re going to list the top five dirtiest areas of your house so you can be mindful the next time you or a professional cleaning crew are cleaning your home.

#1: The Kitchen

This is pretty gross.  We eat the food that comes from our kitchen, and when we do this, we eat food that’s coming from the dirtiest place in the house.  In most cases, kitchens are much dirtier than bathrooms, believe it or not.

Things like dish towels and sponges are an especially bad haven for bacteria, as they become moist and grow molds and bacteria easily.

In addition, we rarely think about things like faucets, cabinet and drawer handles, refrigerator and microwave doors, and other commonly touched parts of the room. 

Think about this next time you’re preparing a meal, and consider getting a good cleaning job done!

#2: Switches, door handles, door knobs

It seems obvious when you think about it, but when’s the last time you went through the house wiping down these commonly touched areas?  Particularly bad are knobs in bathrooms and from the indoors to the outdoors.

A disinfecting wipe down once a week should do the trick to take care of this problem.

#3 Make-up bag and brushes

Did you know makeup grows bacteria after some time?  We often reuse the same makeup brushes over and over again and never give them a good wipe down.  This is pretty gross, seeing as we’re rubbing these brushes over our face every day. 

Buy a nice make-up brush cleaner and take care of this problem in a breeze!  It doesn’t take long, and it’s much better for your health, and your skin!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Do Professional Cleaners Do That You Can’t?

          You may have mulled over the thought of hiring a professional cleaner or team of cleaners to deal with your home or residence when you can’t.  It can be a hard decision to make, especially because it’s tempting to think that professional cleaners really don’t know any more than you do about how to make your space look at its best.

          For casual cleaning needs, perhaps you can do enough.  However, for those with a busy lifestyle or a business to keep up with, having professionals on the job is a huge advantage.  A business should always be presented at its best and “dressed to impress” customers.  It can be hard to maintain this when you’re busy managing all the other aspects of the company.

          For those with a busy lifestyle, it may be impossible to keep up with your cleaning chores.  They tend to be a constant source of strain and stress, and may even hinder you in accomplishing your goals.  A professional team is simply a weight off your shoulders and one less thing you have to worry about in your hectic life.

          There are a number of other advantages to having a cleaning crew.  For one, professional cleaners know the product to use in tough to clean spots.  Certain surfaces could be damaged by certain chemicals, stains may not budge when using one product but may come out in a breeze with another product, and you may not know certain hazards associated with certain chemicals.

          Professional cleaners are educated in all of these areas and are able to make more informed decisions about techniques, products and more.  This coupled with the fact that they provide a no-stress way to enjoy a sparkly space gives a pretty good argument for hiring a professional for your next cleaning job.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

How a Clean Office Puts Clients at Peace


When it comes to important meetings and prospective clienteles, it’s important to get the entire meeting process done right, from the moment they walk into the door to the handshake as they’re getting ready to leave.


Imagine walking into the office of a potential business partner or someone you plan to buy services from, and seeing a dirty floor, dead bugs in the windowsill, smelling a musty smell or seeing papers lying around.  What would be your first thought?


Easy, “this person can’t keep themselves together enough to stay clean, how can they handle my business?”. 


Convincing a client to purchase your services involves more than just having a good reputation and good conversational skills.  Everything about your business meeting will send a message, and a huge chunk of that message is the setting in which you do your business.


Not only is your office or meeting room the first thing a person sees when they walk in, it also sets the tone for the rest of the meeting.  If objects are out of place and it’s clear someone needs to do a cleaning job, immediately you set your client up with low expectations of you.


The truth is, it’s important to have a spotless, tidy office building with nothing out of place in any room.  And we all know how impossible that is to achieve.  When you are busy doing business all day, things pile up and the task of cleaning becomes more and more daunting, and more necessary.


A cleaning crew is an important investment for the office.  They’re affordable, and they give you a value beyond their cost.  They make your office environment pleasing, professional, impressive, personable and comfortable for you, your employees, and your potential clients.


Cleanliness pays off, and A1 Cleaning San Jose wants to provide that value for you.  Give us a call if you don’t already have a cleaning crew of your own and we’ll be happy to set you up with a personalized quote for our services.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

How Organizing Your Space Organizes Your Mind

            For those of us in the world of work and business, stress and a constant lack of time are very familiar topics.  We all know what it feels like to be worried about deadlines, then worry about the amount of stress we’re under, then spend so much time worrying that we aren’t able to make the deadline we intended in the first place

            When we are juggling multiple things and obligations in our heads, we’re more likely to get lost, swimming in the chaos of all the things we have to do.  Though to get everything done may very well not be nearly as hard as we think it is, the very fact that we have so much to keep up with makes the whole situation harder.
            When you get caught up in a cycle such as this, it’s very important to not forget to take care of your surroundings.  Sometimes we end up so busy that we let our homes and offices go, leave dishes undone, leave papers scattered about and leave surfaced unwired and piled with things.  We’re so busy worried about all the other work we must do that we forget the chaos of our home and office space is just contributing to the stress we're under.
            When we walk into an unorganized, messy space, this image is immediately internalized.  Before we can even consider other obligations, we have already been primed with a disorderly setting, and we’re automatically set up to let the rest of our work become cluttered in our heads.
            As backward as it may sound, it’s important to worry about the cleanliness of your space before you start working on the endless projects you must complete.  Trying to work in a disorderly space will slow your work progress down, stress you out, and depletes your work quality.
            Luckily, there are cleaning teams available to take care of your organization needs so you can focus on your work.  Give us a call at A1 Cleaning San Jose if you’re finding yourself drowning in a sea of papers, dirt, and disorganization, and we’ll release that headache for you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Should You Hire Someone Else to Do Your Cleaning?


So you know why cleaning is so important and such an essential part to a healthy, successful business or a comfortable home.  You’re aware of the psychological benefits of keeping everything organized and tidy, and you’re driven to make sure you practice those techniques in your everyday life. 


But even though you have the money, you’re not sure hiring an outside cleaning crew is the best option.  Who wants other people going through your things, messing everything up?


Well - consider that again.  There are a few key benefits to hiring a cleaning crew to take care of your home/business needs, and we’ll lay them out for you:


1. Stress-free


Let’s face it - we’re all busy.  While decades of old had “housewives” to take care of home cleaning needs, in a more progressive era many women are working out of the home and just as hard as men and have just as little time or patience for housework as them.


Children are focused on school and after school activities, employees are busy doing the jobs you’re paying them to do.  And you?  Let’s not even get started on your to do list.


Clean spaces is a great ideal, but in actuality, it can be impossible to keep up with.  Hiring a cleaning crew will take one more thing off the  list, and a thing that is important to keep everything else in your life running smoothly.


2. Timely and maintained


With a regular cleaning crew, you won’t be pushing to get in your cleaning time and dealing with a mess until you can get to it.  Hire a crew for a weekly or monthly clean, and your own maintenance is easy!  It will seem like magic: every week you’ll come into the office or living room and it will be sparkling as if a fairy visited.


3. Professional eyes


Presumably, you’re not a cleaning expert.  While we can all wipe down a counter or stuff some miscellaneous objects in a closet, only an expert eye will know how to really make your home more neat and efficient.


Professionals know how to deal with tough stains, hard to reach areas, difficult organization tasks and they have an eye for a neat environment.   Having a professional do your cleaning will wow you every time, while you’ll probably always find something wrong with your own cleaning job.