Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Price v. Cost - The Elusive Value Continuum

Price v. Cost - The Elusive Value Continuum

The next time you pay a visit to a local establishment, take a look around. I am not referring to a quick glance! I am talking about taking a good, hard look at the window glass, door frames, counters and other areas where customers or clients may spend time conducting business within this establishment. Do you notice fingerprints and smudges on these surfaces or are the surfaces clean and easy on the eye? Better yet, let’s dig deeper into the human psyche. How do you feel when you enter the establishment? Do you feel a positive sense of calm confidence that comes from a space that is clean and well maintained? You know what I mean! Pay attention to your emotional state when you enter a clean, orderly and well-maintained space and compare it to your emotional state when you enter a dingy, unkempt,
disorganized space. You are now getting my drift 😏
The rationale above illustrates and demonstrates the reasons why the majority of company executives understand the importance of contracting for janitorial services.
Your employees cannot be expected to do more than a quick wipe down, trash removal and maintain their personal workspace. Any cleaning tasks beyond this scope are the purview of your local professional janitorial company. Its annual budget time. Pencil in a budget line for professional cleaning. Don’t assume that you will cover this line with petty cash! Double your budget and go out to bid. Your investment in professional janitorial services will generate revenue to the same degree as your investment in your company infrastructure, marketing, location, employees and product/service line.

For the sake of context .... when entering a professional space, I always notice glass and floors, not to mention bathrooms! These areas require monthly or quarterly detailed work. Your investment in professional janitorial services will pay major dividends when your clients and customers choose to do business with you over your competition. Your employees will be more productive and will demonstrate their loyalty by taking better care of their responsibilities on behalf of your company with the profound knowledge that their employer is investing in their wellbeing and productivity. Your company ‘goes out to bid’.

It is good practice to receive at least three quotes from reputable janitorial companies. Check your local BBB, Yelp (less reliable)or ask colleagues for recommendations. Request that your janitorial quote is broken down into specific tasks that will be accomplished at each visit; every week; every month and quarterly. Ask for detailed weekly bathroom cleaning; floor care and window cleaning services. You will be amazed at the positive morale and revenue transition that will occur within your business when you thoroughly invest in a clean and well-maintained space. The search for value is a constant challenge. Working with professional cleaning companies who are licensed and insured to perform janitorial services provides assurances that your space will be maintained to the highest standards. Our reputation and referrals depend on our consistent delivery of quality service.

A1 also offers two different options for the client’s choice in cleaning supplies: regular cleansers, or green option cleansers. The green cleaners are safer for the environment, employees who may have asthma or other respiratory difficulties. Improper cleaning services will contribute to your company losing money due to unnecessary employee absenteeism.
Hiring a professional cleaning company such as A1 will ensure that your cleaners arrive on time and prepared to perform, all assigned tasks. You can place your trust in A1 to clean your company’s buildings properly.

If you’re interested in hiring the best janitorial services for your company, to ensure your office or building is properly cleaned, please contact A1 Cleaning SanJose today.