Saturday, April 2, 2016

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A1 cleaning service is a convenient and professional service for carpet cleaning and janitorial service.
A1 cleaning has trained carpet cleaners, who are experienced in carpet cleaning and stain removal.  A1 cleaning uses a tried & proven process, which is the best method of carpet cleaning. Today I am going to tell you the top three reasons why you should choose A1 cleaning
ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE:  When you choose A1 cleaning, you can rest easy knowing you’ve selected an ethical cleaning service- we use only 100% natural cleaning agents that are safe for even the littlest members of your family, including children and household pets. (We DO NOT use bulk, discount or abrasive cleaning products in your home.)


A1 Cleaning San Jose is a very high quality carpet cleaning company that has the best reputation in town. Our reputation is the most important thing we have. Without it we have nothing. We have worked very hard over the last 2  years making sure that everything our company does is first class and completely guaranteed. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, the reputation is the most important aspect. Unfortunately many carpet cleaning companies do not operate with your best interest in mind.


A1 cleaning team are experts in removing stains. A lot of the time our A1 cleaning customers will ask us what the difference is between say a spot or a stain? A spot is mainly due to something that has been spilt on the carpet either from a drink or maybe some food. What happens is the spot will attract dirt and grease and then turn black. Majority of the time the spot will come out with just regular steam cleaning however, our technicians will walk through the property to do a spot clean before we move on to the carpets steam cleaning process.


All our staff are accredited and trained which is why we guarantee our work. Our main aim is to have you as a repeat customer for life.