Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What is the real cost of hiring the wrong janitorial service?


Hiring the wrong person can have a major impact on your lifestyle, home or company. Why? Because janitorial firms are responsible for the presentation, safety and security of your building and its occupants. I have learned from my many years of experience in the janitorial industry that all too often customers don’t ask enough questions of prospective janitorial vendors. People tend to hire a firm based on price, get burned because of poor service, and repeat the process again and again. If companies changed the way they hire firms, this wouldn’t keep happening. Most customers have become resigned to the fact that they won’t get good service and have very low expectations. I believe this resignation stems from the fact that people don’t understand the importance of hiring wisely. It is not their fault because most firms look, smell and sound professional.
How wrong janitorial service can affect you?
  • If you are a property manager, your tenants may cite it as a breach of contract and break their lease.
  •  If you run a hospital or medical facility, a representative from the State can drop by at any time to do a compliance audit.
  • If you oversee a school, you know that it must be clean to please parents and keep student sick days to a minimum.
  • If you work in a commercial building, a dirty office can leave a negative impression on customers.
  • The wrong janitorial service cannot deliver what was promised.
  • The wrong janitorial service doesn't supply adequate crew to perform the services required.
  • The wrong janitorial service selects the service based on price, instead of a combination of price and quality service.
  • Ongoing communication does not take place between the service provider and the facility manager.
In addition to cleanliness, it is essential that you trust the company that you’ve selected. Your cleaning crew has access to desks and other valuables, not to mention the fact that if they clean at night, they are responsible for locking doors and setting alarms. Doors left unlocked can cause major liability issues.