Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Need of spring cleaning

Move into the spring season with a clean house/office

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, you are starting to sneeze and even your kids are starting to sneeze in the mornings. Yes its spring season! This is the season of getting a new life and new beginning by sorting through your belongings, tossing the things you don’t use anymore, and performing a deep clean on your house so you’re ready to enjoy summer without clutter.
Your house just doesn’t feel as good towards the end of the winter as it did at the beginning of the fall. You’ve been shut up inside for the better part of up to 5 months, the air in the house is stale, the carpets are hit and you’re just ready for some new life from the new change of seasons.

Why you need spring cleaning?
Everyone! But especially those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders.  All winter long the house has been shut and one’s carpet becomes a breeding ground for airborne bacteria, mold spores, dust mite feces, pet dander, cat saliva, pollen, pollutants from ice melt chemicals, mud, dirt, sand and frit that we and our pets bring in from the outside. All of these things get lodged in our carpets, furnishings, bedding and draperies and they need to be cleaned. By reducing these allergens, dust particles and pollutants, we make our homes far healthier than if we didn’t clean it.

When and how often should you clean?
You should be proactive and clean before the appearance of your belongings tells you they should be cleaned. If it already looks bad, you’ve probably waited too long. Environmental Protection Agency studies tell us that our carpets should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months, especially if you have young children, elderly parents or if anyone suffers from various breathing disorders.

Important parts of your house to spring clean:
·         The walls
·         The Curtains
·         The Lights
·         The Floors
·         The Closets
·         The Cabinets
·         The Windows