Saturday, January 10, 2015

What is your first line of defense?

What is you first line of defense?

As a company we hope to provide more than just cleaning as a service. What we hope to achieve is a first line of defense against germs. There is more to cleaning that just making a home or business look clean. There is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Both have their respective place in home and business life.

According to an article on Web MD by Marry Ann Dunkin 6 places germs such as clod virus and bacteria thrive in are: (Dunkin, 2010)

1.       The kitchen sink can harbor salmonella and E. coli from food particles that were left from washing and rinsing dishes.

2.       Toothbrush after you brush your teeth you rinse it off and put it away which most bacteria likes dampness.

3.       Salt and Pepper Shaker researchers showed in their testing 41% of the time cold viruses were on the Salt & Pepper shakers.  

4.       TV Remote control tested very high as a source for cold viruses.

5.       Computer keyboard which tested 5 times higher for germs found than found on a toilet seat.

6.       Bathtub had very high amounts of different types of bacteria and germs.

Some may argue that not all germs are bad and help in building the immune system. That may be true to some extent, however it is up to you to take the first step in guarding yourself and home from all the harmful viruses and germs that threaten your health and safe environment of your home & business.

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