Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does A1 Cleaning San Jose have insurance?
Answer: A1 Cleaning San Jose carries general liability insurance. We also cover our employees with workman’s comp insurance.
Question: How are your contracts structured?
Answer: We prefer to call them agreements and request a 30 Day written cancellation notice. However verbal terminations can be done by either party. And the last invoice is pro-rated.
Question: What other services do you offer?
Answer: We offer VCT strip & wax, carpet cleaning & window cleaning.
Question: Do you train your employees?
Answer: We train them on the job under the supervision of a supervisor. After initial training there is an ongoing training process that we use from our vendors.
Question: Do you guarantee your work.
Answer: Yes, we will either provide an extra cleaning or a credit for any work that is not done to the client's satisfaction.