Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Top Three Homemade Cleaners

Buying name brand cleaning products and chemicals to keep your house tidy is usually an essential.  Most natural ingredients simply do not have the power to take care of heavy stains and deep dirt.  When it comes to giving the house or office a major clean down, chemicals are often necessary.

However, when  you’re going about your day and casually cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen or elsewhere, sometimes it helps to have some natural cleaners around the house.  These will leave less of a cleaner smell and are easier on your hands for day to day use.  They are also less expensive!

1. Glass Cleaner

To make an excellent homemade glass cleaner, simply mix together 2 cups of water, a half of a cup of vinegar, a fourth of a cup of rubbing alcohol and a couple of drops of orange essential oil for a nice scent. 

Use this as you would any other glass cleaner, however be careful about using this on hot days.  When using this glass cleaners on your window in the heat, it may dry too quickly and leave streaks.

2. Scrub

For a heavy-duty scrub to take care of deep stains, particularly in the bathroom, simply get a half of a cup of borax and use lemon as your scrubber.  Dip the lemon in the borax, and there you have it!
Do not use this type of cleaner with marble or granite.

3. Clothing Stain Remover

In order to remove those stains that just won’t seem to get out of your clothes, try mixing together one cup of bleach, one cup of powdered dishwater detergent and a gallon of hot water. To use, simply soak your clothing in the mixture for twenty to thirty minutes.

Make sure to only use this with clothing that it safe to bleach.