Saturday, March 7, 2015

How a Clean Office Puts Clients at Peace


When it comes to important meetings and prospective clienteles, it’s important to get the entire meeting process done right, from the moment they walk into the door to the handshake as they’re getting ready to leave.


Imagine walking into the office of a potential business partner or someone you plan to buy services from, and seeing a dirty floor, dead bugs in the windowsill, smelling a musty smell or seeing papers lying around.  What would be your first thought?


Easy, “this person can’t keep themselves together enough to stay clean, how can they handle my business?”. 


Convincing a client to purchase your services involves more than just having a good reputation and good conversational skills.  Everything about your business meeting will send a message, and a huge chunk of that message is the setting in which you do your business.


Not only is your office or meeting room the first thing a person sees when they walk in, it also sets the tone for the rest of the meeting.  If objects are out of place and it’s clear someone needs to do a cleaning job, immediately you set your client up with low expectations of you.


The truth is, it’s important to have a spotless, tidy office building with nothing out of place in any room.  And we all know how impossible that is to achieve.  When you are busy doing business all day, things pile up and the task of cleaning becomes more and more daunting, and more necessary.


A cleaning crew is an important investment for the office.  They’re affordable, and they give you a value beyond their cost.  They make your office environment pleasing, professional, impressive, personable and comfortable for you, your employees, and your potential clients.


Cleanliness pays off, and A1 Cleaning San Jose wants to provide that value for you.  Give us a call if you don’t already have a cleaning crew of your own and we’ll be happy to set you up with a personalized quote for our services.