Saturday, May 30, 2015

4 Things to consider in choosing right cleaning service for your business

There are so many cleaning services and you are faced with making the right decision in finding a good cleaning service. What steps should be taken in finding a reputable company?
1.       The first step clearly communicate and determine what is important, then prioritize what needs to be cleaned. Make sure you explain this to the company that is providing you the quote and that they write it up as you discussed in the proposal. Having agreements in writing and signed by both parties avoids confusion down the road.
2.       The cheapest price is not always the best decision. Many companies are looking to save money and often regret giving the cheapest contractor the job because they don’t deliver what is promised. Be skeptical of any company promising the cheapest price in town and only centered on giving the cheapest pric to get your business. Do they center on price or do they offer quality?
3.       Ask for references. A good reputable cleaning company will have references that can speak on the quality of their work. Call the references provided and ask questions on their work, attitude and attention to detail. Ask how happy they are with their services and what was done to correct any issues that came up.
4.       Make sure they have insurance. Accidents happen and can cost a lot of money. A reputable company will assume the liability of those accidents and not the customer.

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