Thursday, January 10, 2019

Is it time for a new janitorial service?

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Savvy business owners know how advantageous it is to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of their office cleaning needs. Not only do commercial janitorial cleaning companies keep your spaces looking great but they also let you save time to concentrate on more important business tasks. But unfortunately, not all cleaning companies are the same. So let’s find out when it’s time to say goodbye to your existing commercial janitorial cleaning service and welcome a new, reliable one in San Jose, CA:

• The quality of work starts degrading

The very first sign that you need a replacement for your present commercial cleaning service is when the quality of their work starts taking a beating, leaving you in a position where you find yourself cleaning up after them. Just doing the job is not enough, doing it with detail and care is equally important. So if your cleaning company has begun to do a sloppy job, you know it’s time to consider hiring a new service.

• They are not as responsive as they used to be

Until now whenever you approached them, you received a quick reply. And your calls were also returned in a timely manner. But now things have changed. Now they don’t even bother answering you, let alone giving you a quick reply. This indifference in serving you is clear a hint to switch over to a new service.

• Janitorial supplies are not replenished frequently

Of late you have started noticing that your janitorial cleaning service hasn’t been replenishing janitorial supplies as needed. The hired service should always perform its duty of restocking restroom supplies in advance. This is a clear indicator of a reliable and efficient janitorial cleaning service.

• Prices going through the roof

Like every business, janitorial cleaning companies in San Jose CA do work for profit. And prices can be raised at any time. But when you see them increase their rates all too frequently without any significant reason or advanced notice, you might want to consider looking for a new service.