Saturday, April 4, 2015

A1 Cleaning San Jose we believe, "Cleanliness as a Way of Life!"

We all want a clean and happy home, but have you ever thought about how cleanliness can be a way of life?  Think about what it means to be clean, neat and organized.  More than your physical environment, being clean is about compartmentalizing our life, but it’s also about having a fundamental flow between these individual parts of our lives.

Think about it in terms of something small: your desk at home or in your office.  In your desk, you have multiple drawers and multiple areas in which you keep different things.  You may have a certain file in which you keep all your taxes and financial information.  In another drawer, you have an area where you keep your work files, client information, etc.  You might even have a section for your hobbies, and another for family files.

All in all, however, the desk represents the physical objects that your life revolves around. The desk as a whole functions as a tool to keep the different aspects of your life together one single, accessible place.

This all may sound rather abstract so far, but consider the way that desk can represent your life.  We have so many different roles and faucets of our life that somehow have to come together as one experience.  If we have clutter at our desks, we have clutter in our lives.  If we start mixing up our separate roles and areas of our lives, we stop being effective in the things we do.

Cleanliness can be in our physical environment. It’s about organizing our things and creating a peaceful, serene environment where everything is in its place.  If we can get all the different parts of our lives in order and create a peaceful, serene space in our mind, we can feel that same sense of peace that a clean room or house gives us in our life as a whole.