Thursday, January 4, 2018

Solution or Problem?

From time to time we will receive a call for a quote to clean a facility. We set up the walkthrough and go over the scope of the job. In the course of the conversation, we discover that they are really unhappy with their current vendor. The problem is that all the job is not being done to a satisfactory level. Trash cans are left full, floors are not being mopped, or carpets are left not vacuumed. At any rate, they are looking for another vendor and want to make a change soon. They are looking for a solution.
After further discussion, we ask them what are their 3 most important area of concerns they have on the contract. One major concern is price and they want you to beat or match it. As the saying goes, “If we can’t learn from the past we are bound to repeat it” Is price going to be the solution or problem? The other two major concerns are almost a footnote which is quality & cleanliness.
The best thing is to consider what is the needs & priorities of those needs. There is an argument to be made to truly know what solution is best for the situation. Or you may just end up with another problem instead of a solution. Of course, the price is important and should be considered. There is a difference between competitive price and cheaper price. What you need is competitive pricing for the solution. Things you need to consider in finding the solution for your cleaning needs.
·         Reputable Company
One good thing to do is create a list of what is needed and speak with the potential vendor on the procedures they use to ensure a clean office. It would be good to prioritize this list.  Make sure that the company you use is insured and ask for references. Who will be your point of contact and how accessible will they be? BEWARE of low ballers that will end up being a huge problem!
·         Quality Of Work
This may be hard to find out but when you speak with the references you could ask about the quality of work. Some companies showcase their work on their website with pictures and you could verify that way. Do they have any grantee’s if so what are they?
·         Competitive Pricing
When receiving a quote, you need to get more than one quote. What you will be looking for is a pattern of average pricing. There will be some very low and some very high but there will be a pattern of a few that seem competitive and these will be the ones to consider. Whichever you decide on it is always good to bring them in one more time & go through the terms and task that will be executed.
Are you in need of a solution to your cleaning problem? Please reach out to us today and let us be your problem solver and take your cleaning solution to the next level!