Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How Companies Can Benefit By Hiring Janitorial Services

Many businesses rely on the the manager or employees to clean bathroom, kitchen, office and room spaces of a building, but hiring professional janitorial services is actually a better way to keep those spaces clean. Companies can benefit by hiring janitorial services so that the task isn’t left to someone who doesn’t know how to properly clean and disinfect surfaces.

Here are four other reasons why your company can benefit from hiring A1 Cleaning, in San Jose.

1. A company can conform to health and safety regulations when hiring a janitorial business. If your business relies on cleanliness and hygiene, such as a restaurant, cafe, or daycare, you are better off letting employees handle light duties, while janitorial services will scrub down floors, and walls, to keep your food, beverage, or care  business spotless. There may also be a higher amount of traffic in washroom regions, which also need to be spotless and hygienically clean. Other locations that may need to focus on cleanliness include clinics, salons, and barber shops.

2. A janitorial service is guaranteed to show up. Many businesses rotate the cleaning duties among staff, but if they are away, these duties won’t get done. Many employees are expected to add these duties to an already busy schedule. Most staff simply don’t have the time it takes to thoroughly clean a building, and at most have only time to wipe a rag over a surface.

3. It’s safer to hire janitorial services. The last thing you need is employees rushing around a room working, while someone else is trying to mop the floor. You can’t avoid accidents from occasionally happening, but having someone trying to rush and clean right before business close could end up causing a disaster. Many people are also susceptible to soaps and cleansers, and handling these types of chemicals is best left to the professionals who understand how to properly use them.

4. A janitorial service cleans a company’s building after hours. There’s nothing worse than visiting a business, only to hear the vacuum cleaner going, or seeing employees clean. Loud noises can irritate your clients and customers, and cleaning while they are visiting your company is unprofessional. It also sends the wrong message. If your staff are busy cleaning, does this mean your business isn’t successful enough to keep them busy, or to hire a cleaning company?

5. A meticulously kept business environment will impress your clients and customers. You’d be surprised at how grossed out some people will get. Even if your business doesn’t sell food, dirty walls in a bathroom or a grungy floor can be enough to keep customers from entering your business again. There’s no reason to keep untidy or dirty business space when hiring a professional janitorial service who will provide you the solution to this cleaning problem.

Please contact A1 Cleaning Services in San Jose to find out how easy it is to have someone else clean your company’s building. There are numerous benefits to hiring us to keep your company spotlessly clean.