Saturday, January 17, 2015

3 Simple Steps Of Communicating Effectively On The Job


One thing I’ve learned in business is that communication is key to keeping the job on track until it is finished. Actually communication is important before, during and completion of the job. Why do some have one understanding of what needs to be done and some have a different understanding which conflicts with the other? The purpose of this post is to convey 3 simple steps in communicating effectively on the job.

1.    State your purpose:


Be clear and simple, effective communication is not about using big words but using the right words that convey the right meanings so the listener can get the right understanding.

Be short and to the point in the areas you want to cover. The more direct in the communication is easier to follow and understand.
  2.     Body Language:

Do you notice a person's expression when you communicate to them Are they confused, bored or disinterested? You as the  communicator in order to convey the message you want followed needs to make sure you are being understood. Verbal expression or nodding of understanding from the person you are communicating to let you know they are following your message.
 3.     Summarize & Confirm:

Complete the circle and make sure both parties on the same page. This will eliminate problems and misunderstandings which could cause delays in the job. Often we assume that everyone is on the same page and don't finish by summarizing what was covered. A good rule is to ask the one you were communicating with to tell you what they understand from the message. This will confirm that what was communicated was understood right or was not understood.

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George Thomas