Saturday, February 28, 2015

How Organizing Your Space Organizes Your Mind

            For those of us in the world of work and business, stress and a constant lack of time are very familiar topics.  We all know what it feels like to be worried about deadlines, then worry about the amount of stress we’re under, then spend so much time worrying that we aren’t able to make the deadline we intended in the first place

            When we are juggling multiple things and obligations in our heads, we’re more likely to get lost, swimming in the chaos of all the things we have to do.  Though to get everything done may very well not be nearly as hard as we think it is, the very fact that we have so much to keep up with makes the whole situation harder.
            When you get caught up in a cycle such as this, it’s very important to not forget to take care of your surroundings.  Sometimes we end up so busy that we let our homes and offices go, leave dishes undone, leave papers scattered about and leave surfaced unwired and piled with things.  We’re so busy worried about all the other work we must do that we forget the chaos of our home and office space is just contributing to the stress we're under.
            When we walk into an unorganized, messy space, this image is immediately internalized.  Before we can even consider other obligations, we have already been primed with a disorderly setting, and we’re automatically set up to let the rest of our work become cluttered in our heads.
            As backward as it may sound, it’s important to worry about the cleanliness of your space before you start working on the endless projects you must complete.  Trying to work in a disorderly space will slow your work progress down, stress you out, and depletes your work quality.
            Luckily, there are cleaning teams available to take care of your organization needs so you can focus on your work.  Give us a call at A1 Cleaning San Jose if you’re finding yourself drowning in a sea of papers, dirt, and disorganization, and we’ll release that headache for you!