Saturday, February 28, 2015

How Organizing Your Space Organizes Your Mind

            For those of us in the world of work and business, stress and a constant lack of time are very familiar topics.  We all know what it feels like to be worried about deadlines, then worry about the amount of stress we’re under, then spend so much time worrying that we aren’t able to make the deadline we intended in the first place

            When we are juggling multiple things and obligations in our heads, we’re more likely to get lost, swimming in the chaos of all the things we have to do.  Though to get everything done may very well not be nearly as hard as we think it is, the very fact that we have so much to keep up with makes the whole situation harder.
            When you get caught up in a cycle such as this, it’s very important to not forget to take care of your surroundings.  Sometimes we end up so busy that we let our homes and offices go, leave dishes undone, leave papers scattered about and leave surfaced unwired and piled with things.  We’re so busy worried about all the other work we must do that we forget the chaos of our home and office space is just contributing to the stress we're under.
            When we walk into an unorganized, messy space, this image is immediately internalized.  Before we can even consider other obligations, we have already been primed with a disorderly setting, and we’re automatically set up to let the rest of our work become cluttered in our heads.
            As backward as it may sound, it’s important to worry about the cleanliness of your space before you start working on the endless projects you must complete.  Trying to work in a disorderly space will slow your work progress down, stress you out, and depletes your work quality.
            Luckily, there are cleaning teams available to take care of your organization needs so you can focus on your work.  Give us a call at A1 Cleaning San Jose if you’re finding yourself drowning in a sea of papers, dirt, and disorganization, and we’ll release that headache for you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Should You Hire Someone Else to Do Your Cleaning?


So you know why cleaning is so important and such an essential part to a healthy, successful business or a comfortable home.  You’re aware of the psychological benefits of keeping everything organized and tidy, and you’re driven to make sure you practice those techniques in your everyday life. 


But even though you have the money, you’re not sure hiring an outside cleaning crew is the best option.  Who wants other people going through your things, messing everything up?


Well - consider that again.  There are a few key benefits to hiring a cleaning crew to take care of your home/business needs, and we’ll lay them out for you:


1. Stress-free


Let’s face it - we’re all busy.  While decades of old had “housewives” to take care of home cleaning needs, in a more progressive era many women are working out of the home and just as hard as men and have just as little time or patience for housework as them.


Children are focused on school and after school activities, employees are busy doing the jobs you’re paying them to do.  And you?  Let’s not even get started on your to do list.


Clean spaces is a great ideal, but in actuality, it can be impossible to keep up with.  Hiring a cleaning crew will take one more thing off the  list, and a thing that is important to keep everything else in your life running smoothly.


2. Timely and maintained


With a regular cleaning crew, you won’t be pushing to get in your cleaning time and dealing with a mess until you can get to it.  Hire a crew for a weekly or monthly clean, and your own maintenance is easy!  It will seem like magic: every week you’ll come into the office or living room and it will be sparkling as if a fairy visited.


3. Professional eyes


Presumably, you’re not a cleaning expert.  While we can all wipe down a counter or stuff some miscellaneous objects in a closet, only an expert eye will know how to really make your home more neat and efficient.


Professionals know how to deal with tough stains, hard to reach areas, difficult organization tasks and they have an eye for a neat environment.   Having a professional do your cleaning will wow you every time, while you’ll probably always find something wrong with your own cleaning job.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How Good Cleaning Leads to Better Health

Often, there are two sides presented to the argument that a disinfected house/office leads to healthier occupants.  Many argue that over cleaning a space could lead to a less effective immune system.  It should be noted, however, that the whole practice of homeopathic medicine is under scientific fire these days, and that line of reasoning just may not be true.


Even if it were true, it is pure common sense that keeping up with the cleanliness of your living spaces is largely necessary to good health.  The answer is a smart, balanced approach.  Keep the allergies and germs that thrive in uncleaned spaces out, and you and your family or co-workers will enjoy better health.


Always remember the following factors when it comes to cleaning and your heath:


1. Allergins:


Allergies like pet dander, dust mites, mold and other irritants are sure to live and thrive in a home or office that isn’t well cleaned and kept up.  Those substances will lead to unnecessary suffering and perhaps even sickness, particularly if you or your loved ones suffer from asthma. 


Proper vacuuming and cleaning of corners and small spaces is essential in keeping these harmful substances away from your body and space.


2. Bathrooms


Bathrooms are one of bacteria’s favorite places to hide.  Things can get pretty gross when you flush the toilet and microscopic particles blast through the air via water vapor, especially when you leave that toothbrush on the bathroom counter (ew).   Deep cleaning your bathroom at least once a week can help keep that nasty bacteria away from us and help prevent disease.


3. The Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the nastiest places in a residential homes.  Because food particles are often left unnoticed in the room and left to nasty creatures and bacteria to eat, it is a breeding ground for food-borne illness.   A daily cleansing of the kitchen is necessary, especially after cooking a meal, but it is important to make sure this area of your home or office is deep cleaned at least once a week.


At AI Cleaning San Jose, we’re here to make sure you have a clean, happy and healthy home, office or other kind of living spaces.  We know it’s difficult to find the time during a busy work week to keep your space clean, and we also know how essential it is to both physical and mental health.  Give us a call and we will perform a thorough cleansing any time you need, anywhere you need!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why a Clean House Means a Happy Life

With the hustle and bustle of modern society, we hardly get to find a moment to stop, take a breath and reflect on things.  Often, when we do find that we actually have time for ourselves, we spend it in a cluttered, messy home which reflects our cluttered, convoluted lives. 
Attempting to relax in a home that has not been maintained is often done in vain.  While we try to sit and relax, meditate, read or reflect, we can’t help but let our minds go back to the floors that need vacuuming, the papers that need to be put away, or the dishes that need to be done.
Household cleaning tasks can get away from us, especially when often it is every member of the household now who works and only wants to relax when they get home.  But did you know that clutter you let build up may be blocking your mind and your emotional tranquility?
Having order in the home is the precursor to having order in your mind.  It’s simply impossible to let go of your obligations when your obligations to clean are sitting right in front of you.
A1 Cleaning San Jose knows how important a clean home is to a happy, tranquil life, but we also know how hard it can be to keep things organized when you’re so busy.  That’s why our company is devoted to cleaning home and office spaces for others at an affordable price.
Having one less thing off your plate will do your mind a load of good all on its own, and that’s not even considering how good you’ll feel coming home to a fresh, good smelling, and shiny house.
Give yourself some time, and hire us to take care of your household cleaning needs. The money is more than worth your peace of mind.