Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Three Types of Professional Cleaning Services for Your Business

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What does it take to showcase a business and stand out from the competition? For starters, a quality product and excellent customer service are necessary. However, presentation of the business, the building and employees in a professional manner also contribute to success.

Fine details, even the small ones associated with keeping the office building clean, can either make or break a new sale or contract. When successful business owners recognize that first impressions matter, they often turn to a professional cleaning company to make sure the building is showcased well.

Not all types of cleaning tasks are the same. A professional cleaner takes time to understand the building use, traffic flow, and standards required. At A1 Cleaning San Jose, we classify this type of cleaning into three categories: Janitorial, Projects, and Commercial.

Here are some examples of each type.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

This is normally completed as a cycle of regular cleaning tasks at a facility, completed on a specific time interval. The tasks needed and the frequency required are determined by the type of business, the traffic patterns and usage volume, and industry-specific cleanliness requirements.

For instance: A doctor’s office may require that waiting rooms and patient exam rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily, while a waiting room in a general office building needs to be cleaned only weekly.

A professional cleaning company assesses the cleaning needs and preferred cycle, and can determine the right tasks to be completed at the right frequency.

Project-Related Cleaning Services

Not all areas of a building require cleaning at the same time, so it may seem redundant to clean every area on the same cycle. Project cleaning tasks are scheduled for a specific time-period, and could include seasonal or annual types of jobs.

For instance: Floors and traffic areas through a building require regular cleaning such as vacuuming and mopping. However, a project cleaning service related to the floor care could also include stripping and waxing the hard floor once a year. Carpet cleaning is another project related task, scheduled for the right interval, based on the carpet manufacturing guidelines.

These project-related tasks are often part of a janitorial cleaning contract, but the cost of them is spread out through the contract term, making it more affordable to get all the cleaning done on one low monthly budget.

Commercial Cleaning Services

There are times when a service is needed by itself, separate from the maintenance-types of tasks explained above. These are billed as a one-time fee, and repeat visits are usually not required.

For instance: An office building may want the one-time task of power-washing the building exterior and washing all the windows, in preparation of an open house event.

No matter what type of professional cleaning service you need to make your business look its best, A1 Cleaning San Jose by the Border can help. Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs!


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